Maz Satellite-Caribbean strives to provide you with excellent service and to keep you updated on new and changed features of your satellite tv subscription. In order to do this, Maz Satellite needs accurate information about where you live and how to contact you.

When you first become a subscriber and once a year thereafter, Maz Satellite-Caribbean will ask you to complete this form so that your information will always be current. You may also bookmark this page and make any updates when changes occur.

Prices quoted on the order page are for equipment & programming. There will be a charge for installation of dishes, LNBs, switches, cabling, etc. Standard installations are performed by a reliable installation company and they charge around US$350.00 for one receiver connected to a new dish. You will be offered a Work Order to sign in order to authorize the installation and costs. When the installation is completed, you will be expected to pay the installation company for the work done.

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